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About Us

Pet Set Go is a made in India brand that is built on the foundation of our values and vision that emphasise creativity, sustainability, quality, safety and customer satisfaction. We proudly design, develop, print and manufacture all our products in New Delhi, India. At Pet Set Go, we want to create a world where pet products prioritise the comfort of our beloved pets while being utilitarian, aesthetic and accessible to every pet parent. We work to create designs that are honest, timeless and elegant; we proudly follow stringent quality protocols that haven been formulated to ensure we evolve, enhance and enrich the pet as well as the pet parent’s experience with us.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability, and transparency; We
choose only high quality textiles and comfortable silhouettes, selecting fabrics that are gentle to touch and healthy for the bodies of our beloved pets.

We continue to build on the foundation of our core values and aim to reach pet parents that share our values, passion and goals for their own pets. Our products are accessible through our website but can also be found being sold at reputed pet stores across the country.

All fun and games at #PSG

Pet Set Go is more than just a pet product company; it's a community that celebrates the joy and love our pets bring into our lives. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey of pet care and exploration. Together, let's create a world where pets thrive, and their owners have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best for their beloved companions.